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7 Days in Olympia, Delphi, Meteora & Thessaloniki visiting archeological sights, museums and staying in First Class hotels on half board basis.

Welcome on board.Grand tour of Greece.
Full-service guided tour with  luxury bus, seven days /six nights

Shortlist  itinerary
Day 1 Athens, Corinth Canal, Mycenae, Nafplion, Epidaurus, Olympia, Overnight at 4*hotel.
Day 2 Olympia, Patras, Rion Antirion Bridge, Nafpaktos, Delphi, Overnight at 4*hotel.
Day 3 Delphi, visit the Archaeological Site and Museum, Overnight at 4*hotel.
Day 4 Delphi, Lamia,Trikala,Meteora,Kalampaka,Overnight at 4*hotel.
Day 5 Kalampaka, Trikala,Larissa,Dion,Thessaloniki,Overnight at 4*hotel.
Day 6 Thessaloniki, Pella,Vergina ,Lefkada,Veria,Thessaloniki,Overnight at 4*hotel.
Day 7 Thessaloniki,Tempi,Larissa,Thermopylae, Athens.

Note: You may combine this tour with any other of our island hopping tours.
we can book for you hotels and pick up and drop off transfers for the days upon your arrival and after ending the tour until your departure.


Day 1: Embarking on a Journey of Discovery
Our seven-day luxury bus tour with commences with an exhilarating departure from Athens. Aboard our luxurious coach, we embark on a voyage of exploration and wonder. Our first destination is Corinth, where we pause to admire the engineering marvel of the Corinth Canal. Continuing our odyssey, we journey to Epidaurus, where the ancient echoes of its remarkable theatre await. Renowned for its unparalleled acoustics, this archaeological site offers a glimpse into the cultural legacy of ancient Greece. Our adventure continues with a brief interlude in the charming seaside city of Nauplion, where we soak in the coastal beauty before venturing onward to Mycenae. Here, amidst the remnants of an ancient civilization, we unravel the mysteries of the past at its fascinating archaeological site. As the sun sets, we bid farewell to Mycenae and set our sights on Olympia. Passing through the heart of the Peloponnese, we traverse the historic cities of Megalopolis and Tripolis, each imbued with its own tales of antiquity. Arriving in Olympia, we are greeted by the promise of an evening filled with culinary delights and the comforts of luxury accommodation. Our first day sets the stage for the wonders that await us on this extraordinary journey through the treasures of Greece.
Day 2: Olympia to Delphi
On the second day of our tour with, we start by exploring the archaeological site and museum of Olympia in the morning, delving deeper into the rich history of the birthplace of the Olympic Games. In the morning we will visit the archaeological site and the museum of Olympia. After our visit, we embark on a scenic drive via Patras, a vibrant coastal city, towards Rion. Here, we have the thrilling opportunity to cross the channel Rion to Antirion via the state-of-the-art new suspended bridge, a marvel of modern engineering that stands as one of the longest and most advanced in Europe. Continuing our journey, we pass by the charming town of Nafpaktos before making our way to Delphi, a site steeped in myth and history. Dinner and overnight accommodation await us at a hotel in Delphi, where we can rest and reflect on the day's discoveries.
Day 3: Delphi's Ancient Treasures
After breakfast, we embark on a journey through time as we explore the captivating archaeological site and museum of Delphi. Wander among the ancient ruins that once housed the sanctuary of Apollo, where the Oracle of Delphi delivered her enigmatic prophecies. Marvel at the intricately carved treasures unearthed from this sacred site, including the iconic Charioteer of Delphi and the imposing Temple of Apollo. Immerse yourself in the rich history and mythology of Delphi as you wander through the museum, where artifacts and exhibits offer glimpses into the rituals, beliefs, and daily life of ancient Greece. The remainder of the day is yours to savor the tranquility of Delphi or venture further into its storied surroundings. As evening falls, we gather for a delightful dinner and retire to our accommodations, filled with the echoes of Delphi's ancient whispers.
Day 4: Journey to Meteora
Today, our expedition leads us through the heart of central Greece, traversing the historic cities of Amphisssa, Lamia, and Trikala, each with its own tale to tell. Our ultimate destination is Kalambaka, where the enchanting wonders of Meteora await. In the afternoon, we are drawn to the awe-inspiring spectacle of the Meteora rocks and monasteries. These towering sandstone pillars, seemingly suspended between heaven and earth, have served as a sanctuary for monks and pilgrims for centuries. Perched atop these majestic cliffs are monasteries steeped in spirituality and tranquility, each offering a glimpse into the spiritual legacy of Greece. As we explore these sacred sites, we are enveloped by the mystical atmosphere of Meteora, where nature and spirituality converge in harmony. The sheer grandeur of the landscape and the profound history of the monasteries leave an indelible impression on our hearts and minds. Following our exploration, we gather for a hearty dinner and retire to our accommodations in Kalambaka, where the echoes of Meteora's ancient whispers linger in the night air..
Day 5: From Meteora to Thessaloniki via Dion
Leaving the enchanting landscape of Meteora behind, our journey continues through the scenic routes of central Greece. We pass through quaint villages and verdant countryside, making our way towards the historic town of Dion. Dion holds a significant place in Macedonian history and mythology, situated at the foothills of Mount Olympus. This sacred site was dedicated to the worship of the Olympian gods, and our visit allows us to explore its ancient ruins, including temples, theaters, and sanctuaries. Stepping back in time, we gain insight into the religious and cultural practices of ancient Macedonia. After our enlightening visit to Dion, we resume our journey towards Thessaloniki, the vibrant cosmopolitan hub of northern Greece. En route, we pass through the charming towns of Trikala and Larissa, each with its own stories to tell. Arriving in Thessaloniki, the second-largest city in Greece, we are greeted by a blend of history, culture, and modernity. We delve into the city's rich heritage, visiting its most fascinating museum and exploring its iconic landmarks. From ancient artifacts to contemporary art, the museum offers a comprehensive glimpse into Thessaloniki's diverse tapestry of culture and civilization. As the day draws to a close, we gather for a delightful dinner, savoring the flavors of Greek cuisine, before retiring to our accommodations in Thessaloniki, eager to explore more of this dynamic city tomorrow.
Day 6: Exploring Pella, Vergina, and Lefkada
Our day begins with a journey into the heart of Macedonian history as we venture to Pella, the ancient capital of the Macedonian kingdom. Here, amidst the ruins, we discover the legacy of King Philip II and his illustrious son, Alexander the Great. Walking through the streets of Pella, we can envision the grandeur of a bygone era, where kings and conquerors once walked. Continuing our exploration, we make our way to Vergina, a site of immense historical significance. It is here that the Tomb of King Philip II, father of Alexander the Great, was unearthed, along with the renowned "Vergina Treasures." These exquisite artifacts offer a glimpse into the opulence and sophistication of the Macedonian royal court. Our journey then takes us to Lefkada, where ancient ruins dating back to the Macedonian age await. As we wander through the excavations of this ancient city, we are transported back in time, tracing the footsteps of generations past. With hearts and minds enriched by our encounters with history, we return to Thessaloniki via the city of Veria. As evening descends, we gather for a sumptuous dinner, reflecting on the wonders of the day before retiring to our accommodations, filled with memories of our journey through the ancient Macedonian world.
Day 7: Journey Back to Athens
As our unforgettable tour draws to a close, we bid farewell to Thessaloniki and begin our return journey to Athens. Along the way, we traverse the picturesque Tempi Valley, passing through the historic towns of Larissa and Lamia. Our first stop of the day is at Thermopylae, where history comes alive at the site of the ancient battle between the Greeks and the Persians in 480 BC. Here, amidst the rugged landscape and echoing whispers of the past, we pay homage to the bravery and sacrifice of those who fought for freedom. Continuing our drive, we pass by the serene seaside city of Kamena Vourla, where the azure waters of the Aegean Sea beckon to us one last time. Finally, as the sun sets on our journey, we arrive back in Athens, our hearts full of memories and our minds enriched by the wonders of Greece. As we bid farewell to newfound friends and cherished experiences, we carry with us the echoes of ancient battles, the whispers of ancient civilizations, and the timeless beauty of Greece. Until we meet again, may the spirit of this remarkable land stay with us always..

Schedule departure dates / Prices

  • Duration: 7 Days 6 Nights
  • May   9/5, 23/5,
  • June 13/6, 27/6,
  • July  11/7, 
  • Sept  12/9, 19/9, 26/9 

    First Class 4* Hotels:

  • Adult  1105  euros  / Child 870 euros

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  • Pick up - drop off from your hotel
  • 6 nights accommodation at First Class hotel (1 night in Olympia, 2 nights in Delphi, 1 night in Kalampaka, 2 nights in Thessaloniki)
  • Half Board Basis at the hotel ( 6 breakfasts and 6 dinners )
  • All entrance fees
  • Professional licensed guide
  • Deluxe A/C coach
  • Free wifi on the bus
  • Free wifi at the hotel
  • Map of Athens & Greece

Not Included

  • Hotel accommodation tax 3€ to 4€ per room/per night
  • All personal expenses
  • Everything that is not specifically mentioned in the "Included" section


  • Admission to Monasteries and churches visited on our tours is not allowed to gentlemen wearing shorts and ladies wearing trousers, shorts, short skirts or blouses not covering the shoulders.

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