Ross 28 February 2020

28 February 2020 13:15
I live in the U.S. (near San Francisco) and did not have any time to plan things to go to Greece.
I had never been to Greece and everything was foreign to me, and I was travelling alone!
Antonis and his staff from Seretis travel had helped me all the way to make my dream come true.
After several days of internet research, I found a particular tour that Seretis Travel offered.
I was very interested in it so I contacted them via their website.
From the very beginning to the very end, they were very attentive, and always made certain that I was not in a fog (uncertainty)!
They always responded promptly, or if they needed several days before they could get back to me, they made sure that I knew about it.
They had made all the travel arrangements-
Everything from airport/hotel pick-ups, five-star hotel reservations, local tours and transportation.
I didn’t have to worry about anything during the tour.
The only thing that I needed to worry about was how to pack light!
I truly appreciate their superior customer service and highly recommend contacting them if you are thinking about going to Greece!,