Olympia, Delphi, Meteora, Four Days

Olympia, Delphi, Meteora, Four Days

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Visit five UNESCO world heritage sites including the impressive Meteora, the mythical sites of Ancient Olympia and Delphi.

Mycenae – Olympia – Delphi – Meteora | Four Days.
Day 1 Olympia | Starting the Four-day classical tour luxury bus.
Day 2 Delphi | Visiting Olympia and driving to  Delphi.
Day 3 Kalambaka |Visiting Delphi and driving to Kalambaka.
Day 4 Athens | visiting Meteora monasteries and driving for return to Athens.


Our journey begins in Athens, venturing westward along the picturesque coast until we’re greeted by the awe-inspiring Corinth Canal, offering breathtaking vistas and a brief stop to marvel at its engineering marvel.
Continuing our coastal drive, we arrive at Epidaurus, where the ancient theatre awaits our exploration. Perched on the headland of “Nesi” in Palaia Epidaurus, this well-preserved marvel astounds with its limestone structure and renowned acoustics, echoing tales of ancient performances and cultural significance.
Next, we make a stop in Nauplia, Greece’s first capital in 1829, before continuing our odyssey to Mycenae, the legendary kingdom of Agamemnon. Revered in Homer’s epics, Mycenae stands as a testament to the grandeur of the Mycenaean civilization, a beacon of Greek prehistory steeped in myth and history.
As the afternoon sun begins to wane, our journey leads us to Olympia, where we gather for a nourishing dinner and settle in for a restful night’s reprieve, eagerly anticipating the wonders that await in this historic sanctuary.
Nestled amidst the verdant beauty of Mount Kronios and the embrace of the Alpheios and Kladeos rivers, Olympia stands as the most revered sanctuary of ancient Greece. Dedicated to Zeus, the father of the gods, this sacred site served as the epicentre of religious and athletic prowess, earning its place as the foremost destination in Greek antiquity.
Here, in this lush, green landscape, the Olympic Games flourished, drawing pilgrims and athletes from far and wide to pay homage to Zeus and compete for honour and glory. Held every four years, these games were not only a national festival but also a beacon of prestige on the global stage.
Walking through Olympia encompasses a visit to the Archaeological Site and Museum, where the echoes of ancient splendour still resonate, offering glimpses into the grandeur of Greece’s storied past.
Next to our odyssey, we traverse the landscape via Patras to Rion, embarking on a mesmerizing passage across the channel to Antirrion. Here, we traverse the state-of-the-art suspended bridge, a marvel of modern engineering that stands as the longest and most advanced in Europe.
As we arrive in Nafpaktos and press onward to Delphi, we prepare to immerse ourselves in the timeless allure of this historic sanctuary. Tonight, we gather for a nourishing dinner and a restful night’s reprieve, our spirits enriched by the wonders we’ve encountered along our journey through ancient Greece.
Nestled at the base of Mount Parnassos, cradled between the imposing twin rocks of the Phaedriades, lies the sacred Pan-Hellenic sanctuary of Delphi—an ancient marvel famed for its legendary oracle.
Delphi, hailed as the centre of the world in mythological lore, resonates with the echoes of Zeus’s eagles, said to have converged here, marking the navel of the earth. This ethereal sanctuary, set amidst a breathtaking landscape, served as the cultural and religious nucleus of the Hellenic world for centuries. It was here, amid the grandeur of Delphi, that the Pythian Games flourished, second only to the Olympics in their prestige and significance.
Our journey through Delphi encompasses a visit to the archaeological site and museum, where treasures from antiquity unveil the storied past of this sacred enclave. Among these artefacts stands the iconic bronze statue of the Charioteer, a masterpiece dedicated to Apollo by Polyzalos, tyrant of Gela, in celebration of his victory at the Pythian Games in 478 B.C. This remarkable statue, crafted in the ‘severe’ Attic style, stands as a testament to the unparalleled artistry of its creator.
After our enriching exploration, we depart for Kalambaka, where a brief visit to the village awaits us upon arrival. As night descends, we gather for a nourishing dinner and a restful night’s reprieve in the embrace of Kalambaka, our hearts full of the wonders of Delphi.
Today, we embark on an awe-inspiring journey to witness one of Greece’s most extraordinary marvels – Meteora.
Meaning ‘suspended in air,’ the name Meteora aptly encapsulates the enchanting rock formations that host a community of 24 monasteries. These monasteries form the largest and most significant cluster in Greece, second only to those in Mount Athos. Access to these monastic retreats was once a feat of daring, with monks traversing the chasms using nets hitched over hooks and hoisted by hand-cranked windlasses. These communities were self-sustaining, cultivating fertile valleys below to nurture grapes, corn, and potatoes. By the 14th century, the Grand Meteoron emerged as the preeminent monastery in this celestial landscape.
Recognized by UNESCO as a unique cultural heritage, the rock monasteries of Meteora stand as a testament to human resilience and devotion.
After our mesmerizing visits, we begin our return journey to Athens, passing through Thermopylae along the way for a photo stop. This iconic site, renowned for its historical significance, offers a moment of reflection before we conclude our odyssey through the wonders of Greece.


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  • The stay in Olympia can sometimes take place in Nafplion.
  • Admission to Monasteries and churches visited on our tours is not allowed to gentlemen wearing shorts and ladies wearing trousers, shorts, short skirts or blouses not covering the shoulders.

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