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A 9-day Tour to Athens, Delphi, Meteora, Mykonos and Santorini. Before any booking, please let us know if you would like to customize this tour.

Tailor-Made Travel Program 

Your Journey, Your Way:
Work closely with us to customize your travel itinerary. We design based on your plan coupled with our expert recommendations.

Flexibility & Personalization: 

  • 📅 Adjust or ask us to amend the number of days/nights to fit your schedule.
  • 🌐 Opt for local tours or cruises now or after your booking to enrich your experience.

Booking Policy:
📝 All changes days/nights to the program should be finalized before any reservations are made to ensure a seamless travel experience.

Seasonal Note:
⚠️Daily departures all year by airplanes, either for inter-island routes or all travel legs. From April 1rst annually to 30 October we use Speed or regular ferries to facilitate island travel.


 Athens, Delphi, Kalampaka, Meteora ,Mykonos, Santorini

Duration: 9 Days
Services: Transfers, Accommodations, Tickets, Tours

Day 1 | Athens
🛬 Arrival and we transfer you privately to the Hotel.
📝 Provide us with your flight details for a smooth transfer.
🕒 Free day or an optional tour ( Athens by night )
🏨 Overnight stay in Athens.Accommodation:

Day 2 | Athens
🌅 Athens Sightseeing: 07:30-13:30.including entrance tickets to
🏛 Acropolis Hill & New Museum
🕒 Free Afternoon  or an optional tour ( Cape Sounion )
🏨 Overnight stay in Athens.Accommodation

Day 3 | Athens – Delphi – Kalampaka
🚌 Start of a 2-day guided luxury bus tour. 08:00-18:00 Drive and visit to Delfi
🍽 later we drive & stay in Kalampaka Meteora.Dinner
🏨 Overnight.Accommodation:

Day 4 | Kalampaka – Meteora – Athens
🌄 We Visit 3 monasteries at Meteora & on the way back we stop at Thermopylae.
🌃 Return in Athens 18:00
🏨 Overnight stay in Athens.Accommodation:

Day 5 | Athens – Mykonos
⛴️  Departure transfer from the hotel at 06:00. Speed Ferry: 07:00-10:00.
🏨 From Mykonos port we transfer you to your hotel at 10:00.
🏖 Free day or an optional tour/cruise.  ( panoramic Mykonos )
🏨 Overnight stay in Mykonos.Accommodation:

Day 6 | Mykonos
🏖 Breakfast and Free day or optional tour/cruise.  ( cruise to Delos and Rhenia islands)
(or  optional cooking lesson or wine tasting or jeep safari )
🏨 Overnight stay in Mykonos.Accommodation:

Day 7 | Mykonos – Santorini
⛴️  Departure Transfer at 09:00. Speed Ferry: 10:00-13:00.
🏨 from Santorini port we transfer you to your hotel at 13:00.
🏖 Free day or optional tour/cruise.  ( volcano catamaran sun sight with dinner )
🏨 Overnight stay in Santorini.Accommodation:

Day 8 | Santorini
🏖 Breakfast and Free day or optional tour/cruise.
(or  optional cooking lesson or wine tasting or Santorini excavations )
🏨 Overnight stay in Santorini.Accommodation:

Day 9 | Santorini
🚖 We Transfer you to the port/airport for your departure
For this package tour and published prices, this is our last service

📝 Optional for your Return to Athens we can book tickets with extra cort per person:
⛴️ Speed ferry: 12:30-18:30, € 90/person.
⛴️ Regular ferry: 15:30-23:30, € 70/person.
✈️ Air ticket: Cost determined at booking.

Service Details:

  • Transfers: Private, English-speaking driver (taxi/minivan).
  • Ferries: Economy class (speed/regular). Business/VIP upon request.
  • Hotels: Based on category (3*, 4*, 5*). Bed and Breakfast basis.
  • Tours/Cruises: Group  SIC basis. Private/small group upon request.


Day 01. Athens Arrival and Stay
Airport Arrival:
🛬 Warm welcome and assistance upon landing at Athens airport.
Transport:🚖 Private transfer to your hotel.
🕒 Rest of the day is free at your leisure. 🌐 Optional tours available upon request.
🏨 Overnight stay in Athens.Accommodation:
Day 02. Discovering Athens: A Day's Journey.
Morning Exploration: 🍳 Breakfast at your hotel.
🕢 Pick-up: Approximately 07:30 am. for Panoramic City Tour:
🏟 Panathinaikon Stadium: Historical Olympic stadium. 🏛 Zappeion: A neoclassical building.⛩ Temple of Olympian Zeus & Hadrian's Arch: Ancient Greek temples. 🌆 Syntagma Square: Heart of the city with the Parliament and the solemn Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. 🏠 Schliemann's House: Noted archeologist Heinrich Schliemann's residence. 🎓 Academy, University, & National Library: Celebrated institutions of learning and knowledge. 🏰 Old Parliament: Historic political hub.
Acropolis Exploration: A guided tour covering the majestic: 🏛 Propylae: Grand entrance to the Acropolis. ⛩ Temple of Athena Nike: Shrine to the goddess of victory. 🏛 Parthenon: Iconic temple dedicated to Athe🏛 Erechtheion: Ancient temple with the famous Caryatid pillars.
🖼 Acropolis Museum Visit: Dive into history in one of the world's best museums.
Afternoon at Leisure:
🚶‍♂️ Plaka Exploration: Wander around the charming old district.
🛍 Shopping: Visit Ermou street for some retail therapy. 🏨Free afternoon. Overnight stay in Athens.Accommodation:
Day 03. Athens - Delphi - Kalambaka
Morning Departure: 🍳 Enjoy breakfast at your hotel. 🕢 Pick-up: Approximately 07:30 am. We then set off towards the north.
Delphi Exploration:
🏛 Visit Delphi, once the most sacred site in the world and a pilgrimage center in antiquity. Here you'll: Admire the Sanctuary of Apollo. Walk the Sacred Way. Visit the Temple of Apollo, the home of Pythia, the famed oracle.
Afternoon and Evening:
🍽 Take a short break for lunch (not included) before we traverse the mountains of Central Greece. on the way to Kalambaka:🌃 Arrive in Kalambaka for dinner and overnight stay.Accommodation
Day 04. Meteora Exploration & Return to Athens
Morning Departure: 🍳 Breakfast at your hotel.🕗 Start Time: Approximately 08:00 am
. Meteora Exploration:
🏞 Majestic Rock Formations: Marvel at the incredible sandstone towers that have stood the test of time. 🏛 Monasteries of Meteora: Visit the secluded monasteries atop these rocks, bearing witness to the dedication of monks across centuries.🌍 UNESCO World Heritage: Appreciate the beauty and significance of Meteora, a treasured landmark recognized globally.
Journey Back to Athens:
🛑 Short Stop at Thermopylae: Pay homage at the statue of King Leonidas of Sparta, remembering the valiant stand against the Persians.
🕖 Return Time: Estimated 19:00 pm. Stay:🏨 Overnight in Athens..Accommodation
Day 05. Journey to Mykonos / Mykonos.
Pre-Departure Tip:
🥐 Take-Away Breakfast: Consider requesting a take-away breakfast from the hotel reception the previous evening.
Morning Departure to Mykonos:
🕕 06:00 am: Private transfer to the port of Piraeus.
🚤 07:00 am: Departure on the local speed ferry to Mykonos. Arrival in Mykonos: 🕙 10:00 am: Welcome to Mykonos! Upon arrival, a private transfer will take you to your hotel.
Day's Activities:🌞 Leisure Time: Relax and enjoy the island vibes.
🌐 Optional: You have the choice to embark on any optional tour or cruise to enhance your Mykonos experience.
🏨 Overnight stay in Mykonos.Accommodation:
Day 06. At leisure in Mykonos
🍳 Morning: Breakfast at your hotel.
🌞 Day Activities:
Explore Mykonos: delve into the charms of this renowned island, frequented by the international "jet set". Beaches & Nightlife: Bask in the sun at Mykonos' iconic beaches and later, immerse yourself in its vibrant nightlife.
🌐 Optional Activities:
Half-Day Tour: Embark on a journey to Delos Island. Full-Day Cruise: Set sail for an adventure that takes you to both Delos and Rhenia Island, the latter being a perfect spot for a refreshing swim.
🌌 Evening:free at leisure 🏨 Overnight in Mykonos..Accommodation
Day 07. Mykonos – Santorini / Santorini.
Breakfast: Head to the hotel’s dining area and enjoy a Mediterranean breakfast. Savor local Mykonos specialties, fresh fruits, yogurt, and more.
09:00 am - Departure: Your transfer will be waiting to take you to the port of Mykonos. This is the perfect opportunity to capture some last-minute photos of Mykonos' iconic windmills and coastline.
10:00 am 13:00 - Ferry Ride: Board the high-speed ferry to Santorini. As you cruise, take in views of the cerulean Aegean Sea, neighboring islands, and perhaps spot dolphins playing in the wake.
01:00 pm - Santorini Arrival: Welcome to Santorini! The island's dramatic crescent shape, a result of a massive volcanic eruption, will be the first thing to catch your eye. Look out for the clifftop towns with their iconic blue-domed churches.
01:30 pm - Hotel Transfer: You will be taken to your hotel. Check-in, and once settled, step out onto your balcony or terrace or at Aegean seaside
🌐Optional suggeted program for the day
02:30 pm -Late Lunch: Head to a local taverna. Try specialties like 'tomatokeftedes' (tomato fritters) or 'fava' (split pea puree). Enjoy your meal with a glass of Assyrtiko, a crisp white wine native to the Evening: Explore or Relax
04:00 pm - Leisure/Optional Tours: Depending on your interests, you can either relax at your hotel or explore Santorini.The vistas of the Caldera, especially from the towns of Fira, Oia, or Imerovigli, are nothing short of breathtaking.
Option 1: For those wanting to delve into history, a visit to Akrotiri, an ancient Minoan settlement preserved under volcanic ash, is highly recommended.
Option 2: For relaxation, maybe a spa day or a swim at one of Santorini's unique beaches like Red Beach or Kamari Beach.
Option 3: Art lovers can explore art galleries in Oia showcasing local artists.
07:30 pm - Sunset at Oia: No visit to Santorini is complete without witnessing a sunset in Oia. As the sun descends, the sky becomes a canvas of oranges, pinks, and purples, providing a magical backdrop to the island's iconic architecture.
09:00 pm - Dinner: Choose a restaurant with a caldera view. Indulge in fresh seafood, Greek salads, and local wines.
🏨Overnight in Santorini: Return to your hotel for a restful night. Dream of the island's sunsets and another exciting day ahead.
Note: Schedule may vary based on individual preferences and availability of services.
🍳Morning: Begin with a Delightful Breakfast
Optional program for the day
☕ Wake up to the serene beauty of Santorini and head to your hotel's restaurant. Revel in a delightful breakfast, with choices ranging from local pastries like 'bougatsa' to Greek yogurt topped with thyme honey and nuts.
Late Morning: Fira Exploration
🚶‍♂️ 09:30 am: Commence your day with a leisurely stroll around Fira, the island's capital. Admire the whitewashed buildings, blue-domed churches, and narrow pathways adorned with bougainvillea.
🛍️ 10:30 am: Shopping Time: Fira boasts numerous boutiques offering local products, from handcrafted jewelry to Santorini wines and art pieces.
Afternoon: Oia's Charm and Black Sands
🚌 12:30 pm: Head to Oia, the postcard-perfect town of Santorini. Wander its alleys, visit art galleries, and perhaps even descend the 300 steps to Amoudi Bay for a seafood lunch.
🏖️ 03:00 pm: Beach Break: Drive or take local transport to Kamari or Perissa, two of Santorini's famed black-sanded beaches. Bask under the sun or swim in the refreshing Aegean waters.
Evening: Sunset and Caldera Dreams
🌄 06:30 pm: Sunset in Oia: Return to Oia and secure a prime spot for what's arguably the most acclaimed sunset in the Aegean. Witness the sky transform into a palette of pinks, oranges, and purples, casting a magical hue on the caldera.
🍽️ 08:00 pm: Caldera-View Dinner: Post sunset, dine at a cliffside restaurant. Savor dishes like 'brantada' (codfish) or 'ntomatokeftedes' (tomato fritters), paired with Vinsanto wine.
Optional Activities:
🌋 Volcano and Hot Springs: Consider taking a boat tour to the volcanic islands of Nea Kameni and Palea Kameni. Immerse in the natural hot springs and gain insights into the geology that shaped Santorini.
🍷 Winery Tour: Santorini is renowned for its viniculture. Visit a local winery, stroll through vineyards, and enjoy wine tasting sessions featuring Assyrtiko, Athiri, and Aidani varieties.
Night: Starlit Santorini
🌌 10:00 pm: Conclude your day by gazing at the starry skies. Whether from your hotel's terrace or a quiet spot by the cliffs, it's a tranquil way to appreciate the island's nocturnal beauty.
Accommodation: 🏨 Overnight stay in Santorini.
Note: Timings and activities can be adjusted based on personal preferences and the availability of services.
🍳After a hearty breakfast and memories that will last a lifetime, it's time to bid farewell to the beautiful island of Santorini.
Departure Transfer:
We will ensure your timely departure, whether to the airport or the port. Please make sure all your belongings are packed and ready before the arranged pick-up time.

Your Return to Athens:
We hope your journey thus far has been enchanting. For your trip back to Athens, please confirm your choice:
Speed ferry from 12:30 pm to 6:30 pm at a cost of 90 euro per person.
Regular ferry from 3:30 pm to 11:30 pm at a cost of 70 euro per person.
Air ticket - The cost will be provided at the moment of booking, based on availability.
Please inform us:
If you've already secured your return ticket, kindly share the details with us, so we can coordinate your transfers seamlessly.

Service Details:
Transfers: All transfers will be private, ensuring you comfort and privacy. Depending on the number of passengers, we'll arrange for either a taxi or a minivan. Rest assured, our English-speaking drivers will cater to your needs.
Ferries: Depending on seasonal availability, we will book either Regular or Speed ferries for you, with economy class seating. If you prefer a more luxurious experience during your sea journey, options for Business or VIP class are available. Please notify us of your preference.
Accommodations: Depending on your chosen category - Tourist Class (3*), First Class (4*), or Superior Class (5*) - your hotel stay will be on a bed-and-breakfast basis.
If you have any special requests or requirements regarding your accommodation, don't hesitate to let us know.
Local Tours or Cruises: Standard offerings are on a group basis to provide a shared, social experience. However, if you'd like a more intimate exploration, options for private or small group tours are available upon request.
Safe travels and thank you for choosing our GREECETOURS.COM services for your Greek odyssey! We hope the memories you've made will call you back to our shores soon.

Schedule dates

  • From 01/04/2024 to 31/10/2024 Daily except Thursday & Friday
  • From 01/04/2025 to 31/10/2025 Daily except Thursday & Friday
  • For departures within Christmas Week, New Year’s Week, and Greek Orthodox Easter Week, please ask as itineraries may not be available or may be altered.
    Please contact us for the dates of departure and availability.


All Prices are per person in Euro

Tourist Class
Arrival Dates Single Double/ Twin Triple Child
01/04 – 30/04 € 1432 € 1070 € 993 € 745
01/05 – 31/05 € 1465 € 1085 € 1026 € 764
01/06 – 30/06 € 1646 € 1178 € 1089 € 814
01/07 – 31/07  € 1845 € 1284 € 1179 € 885
01/08 – 31/08 € 1882 € 1298 € 1188 € 883
01/09 – 30/09 € 1883 € 1198 € 1105 € 822
01/10 – 31/10 € 1523  € 1114 € 1038 € 770
01/11 – 31/12 € e-mail us € e-mail us € e-mail us € e-mail us
01/01-31/03 € e-mail us € e-mail usl € e-mail us € e-mail us


First Class
Arrival Dates Single Double/ Twin Triple Child
01/04 –30/04 € 1776 € 1239 € 1159 € 745
01/05 – 31/05 € 1968 € 1332 € 1237 € 770
01/06 – 30/06 € 2015 € 1357 € 1258 € 822
01/07 – 31/07 € 2188 € 1444 € 1335 € 932
01/08 – 31/08 € 2184 € 1496 € 1378 € 963
01/09 – 30/09 € 2076  € 1388 € 1288 €908
01/10 – 31/10 € 1997 € 1348 € 1250 € 888
01/11 – 31/12 € e-mail us € e-mail us € e-mail us € e-mail us
01/01 – 31/03 € e-mail us € e-mail us € e-mail us € e-mail us


Superior Class
Arrival Dates Single Double/ Twin Triple Child
01/04 – 15/04 € 2144 € 1396 € 1269 € 859
16/04 – 30/04 € 2304 € 1465 € 1316 € 952
01/05 – 10/05  € 2345 € 1538 € 1395 € 967
11/05 – 20/05 € 2564 € 1598 € 1426 € 987
21/05 – 31/05  € 2757 € 1648 € 1484 € 992
01/06 – 20/06 € 2908 € 1778 € 1580 € 992
21/06 – 30/06 € 3006 € 1829 € 1580 € 992
01/07 – 20/07 € 3243 € 1951 € 1686 € 1040
21/07 – 31/07 € 3317 € 1988 € 1712 € 1040
01/08 – 20/08 € 3243 € 1951 € 1686 € 1040
21/08 – 31/08 € 3006 € 1829 € 1580 € 992
01/09 – 20/09 € 2908 € 1778 € 1580 € 992
21/09 – 30/09 € 2657 € 1648 € 1484 € 992
01/10 – 31/10 € 2564 € 1598 € 1426 € 987
01/11 – 31/12 € e-mail us € e-mail us € e-mail us € e-mail us
01/01 – 31/03 € e-mail us € e-mail us € e-mail us € e-mail us


  • Accommodation on BB, 3 nights in Athens, 2 nights in Mykonos and 2 nights in Santorini
  • Athens city tour with Acropolis and Acropolis museum, on SIC, including English speaking guide.
  • The 2-day Delphi-Meteora tour on SIC, on half-board basis (breakfast and dinner)
  • All transfers
  • Meet & Greet service for tour briefing and orientation, by an English speaking representative
  • Ferry tickets Piraeus – Mykonos (regular ferry) and Mykonos – Santorini (high-speed ferry), economy class.
  • All entrance/admission fees to sites and museums
  • All taxes and our services

Not Included

  • An “overnight stay” tax is applicable to all accommodations in Greece. This tax, is charged on a per room per night basis and amounts to € 0,50 for 1*-2* hotels, € 1,50 for 3* hotels, € 3,00 for 4* hotels, and € 4,00 for 5* hotels. This tax is NOT included in our rates and should be paid locally on the spot by the clients.
  • Any meals other than those mentioned above
  • Any drinks during included meals
  • Any tips
  • Any porterage at hotels.
  • All personal expenses
  • Everything that is not specifically mentioned in the "Included" section

Hotel Class Options | Please consult our hotel list to see the hotels that are included in each class or any other available similar

TOURIST CLASS hotels are mostly 3* hotels. Occasionally there may be a superior 2* which however would be a carefully selected hotel that has either made a very recent renovation or is of a standard equal to a 3* hotel.

FIRST CLASS hotels are mostly standard 4* hotels. Occasionally there may be a superior 3* hotel, which however would be a carefully selected hotel that has either made a very recent renovation or is of a standard equal to 4*

SUPERIOR CLASS hotels are either superior 4* hotels or 5* hotels. For the superior 4* hotels, the rooms our prices are based on, are usually the superior ones (not the standard ones). For the 5* hotels, the rooms will be the standard ones.

Any special request for an upgrade is accepted upon hotel availability or with extra cost. 


  • Entrance/admission fees to various sites and museums are set by the Greek government, and in case of change, prices will be adjusted accordingly. Currently, included entrance fees are based on rates valid as of November 1st, 2019.
  • The above rates include VAT (13% for transportation & meals, and 24% for all other services). In case of a change in VAT, prices will be adjusted accordingly.

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