Suggested itinerary for a tour in Mykonos

Mykonos, another beautiful Greek island, is known for its vibrant nightlife, charming beaches, and picturesque landscapes. Here’s a suggested itinerary for a tour in Mykonos:

Day 1: Arrival and Mykonos Town

  1. Arrival in Mykonos:
    • Arrive at Mykonos airport or port.
    • Transfer to your accommodation.
  2. Explore Mykonos Town (Chora):
    • Wander through the narrow streets of Mykonos Town.
    • Visit the iconic windmills and Little Venice.
    • Explore Matoyianni Street for shopping.
  3. Old Port and Dinner:
    • Head to the Old Port area for dinner with a view.
    • Enjoy the lively atmosphere of Mykonos Town at night.

Day 2: Beach Day

  1. Psarou Beach:
    • Spend the day at Psarou Beach, known for its crystal-clear waters.
    • Relax on a beach lounger or engage in water sports.
  2. Lunch at Nammos:
    • Have lunch at Nammos, a famous beachfront restaurant in Psarou.
  3. Afternoon at Platis Gialos:
    • Explore nearby Platis Gialos Beach.
    • Enjoy the beach clubs and tavernas along the shoreline.

Day 3: Delos Day Trip

  1. Day Trip to Delos:
    • Take a boat excursion to the nearby island of Delos.
    • Explore the archaeological site, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  2. Return to Mykonos Town:
    • Return to Mykonos Town in the afternoon.
    • Relax and explore more of the town.

Day 4: Ano Mera and Elia Beach

  1. Visit Ano Mera:
    • Spend the morning in Ano Mera, a traditional village.
    • Visit the Panagia Tourliani Monastery.
  2. Lunch in Ano Mera:
    • Enjoy a traditional Greek lunch in Ano Mera.
  3. Elia Beach Afternoon:
    • Head to Elia Beach for a more relaxed afternoon.
    • Water activities and seaside dining are popular here.

Day 5: Paradise Beach and Nightlife

  1. Paradise Beach Day:
    • Spend the day at Paradise Beach, known for its lively atmosphere.
    • Enjoy beach parties and water sports.
  2. Sunset at Cavo Paradiso:
    • Experience the famous sunset at Cavo Paradiso.
    • Stay for the nightlife as it transforms into a nightclub.

Day 6: Agios Ioannis and Kastro

  1. Agios Ioannis Beach:
    • Relax at Agios Ioannis Beach, known for its tranquillity.
    • Visit the Church of Agios Ioannis.
  2. Lunch in Ornos:
    • Have lunch in the nearby village of Ornos.
  3. Kastro and Armenistis Lighthouse:
    • Explore the historic Kastro in Mykonos Town.
    • Visit the Armenistis Lighthouse for panoramic views.

Day 7: Departure

  1. Last-minute Explorations:
    • Spend your last morning exploring any missed attractions or shopping.
    • Enjoy a leisurely breakfast.
  2. Departure:
    • Check out from your accommodation and head to the airport or ferry port.

Mykonos offers a diverse range of experiences, from vibrant nightlife to serene beaches and cultural exploration. Feel free to adjust the itinerary based on your interests and preferences.



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