Top 10 Reasons to travel to Greece

We can make a very long list of the reasons to visit Greece. However, we summarize them under 10 topics and present you with satisfactory details.

1- Ancient History of Greece

2- Endless Sunny Days and Unique Beaches

3- Outstanding Mediterranean Cuisine

4- Breathtaking Landscapes

5- Nightlife

6- Full of Excursions

7- Tranquility in Greece

8- Affordability

9- Creativity in Tourism

10- The Greek Mythology


You will visit world-famous archaeological sites. There are 18 World Heritage Sites in Greece.

The birthplace of democracy and the heart of Athens is the Acropolis which has been rising with its pride to the sky since the 5th century B.C.

Sunset over the Acropolis

Delphi is still awake on the scope of a mountain with its glorious landscape, It was accepted as the center of the world in ancient times and kings used to visit there to learn the future from the Oracle of Delphi.

Ancient Olympia in which the first Olympic games took place, Temple of Poseidon in Cape Sounion, Byzantine monasteries on top of the huge rocks in Meteora stretch into the sky and want to go away from this world.

There are many and more old temples, structures, museums, historical sites, and places to discover in regard to history in Greece. You can find tours to all these spectacular places
on the website.

2- Endless Sunny Days And Unique Beaches

The sun seems never willing to go away from Greece and makes you feel like you are on a lifetime holiday. The official summer season starts at the beginning of March and is over at the end of October in Greece. However, you can see people swimming in November and even on warm December days.

There are more than 2000 islands in Greece, around 250 of them are inhabited and Greece is the country which has the longest coastline in the Mediterranean Sea. Therefore, not only the islands but also the mainland possess gorgeous beaches. Greek islands take you into another world with their landscapes, deep blue waters, and white-washed houses with colourful doors, windows, and domes. Greece is renowned for its crystal-clear waters and breathtaking unique beaches such as Red and Black Sand beaches in Santorini. is well-developed in Greece and you can hop from island to island by ferry. You may find all ports in Greece itineraries, availabilities and official standard prices.

Black Sand Beach - Santorini

Whether you are looking for all-day-long party beaches to have non-stop fun with your friends or more secluded beaches for a peaceful time with your couple, family, or yourself to read a book, Greece has it all. Some of the best beaches in Europe take place in Greece.

Greece might be known for its great summer days but it has some special winter destinations, as well. 80% of Greece is mountainous and there are very nice and special spots for winter holidays. Arachova is one of them and is known as the Mykonos of Winter.

Recommendation: If you want to visit Greece in the summer season and have a budget holiday, we suggest the months of April, May, June, September, and October. If you would like to have your vacation in a vivid time, your months are July and August. If your choice is to travel in the most affordable times, then you should pick one of the months of November, December, January, or February. But be careful about New Year and Noel seasons.


Greek food is another significant reason to experience Greece. Olive and olive oil are the first things that come to mind when you hear the name Greece. Mediterranean cuisine with its vegetables, salads, and sea foods appears in all its glory in Greece. If the taste is outstanding, the portion is considerable and the price is reasonable then you are in Greece.

Lunch with Volcano View

Greece is not only renowned for its vegetables but also for its kebabs and gyros. Souvlaki is the traditional Greek fast food and should be experienced while visiting Greece. Souvlaki is made of shish kebab or gyros placed in a pita (traditional bread) with salad, tzatziki (tzatziki), and fries.

Last but not least, traditional Greek drinks will be a new experience in your life. Tsipouro is a strong one produced from grapes, enjoyed as a welcome drink, and accompanied by the Greek meze. If you like brandy and different aromas, you should definitely try Metaxa which has a secret combination of botanicals. If you ask about the national drink of Greece, people will say Ouzo which is a strong drink consumed with water. Ouzo is a patented national brand that is only produced in Greece and is protected by European Law. The last one is the famous Greek wines and they are produced in many points. Santorini is a perfect destination to try the island’s own wines.
Mykonos wine tasting
Santorini wine tasting
Milos cooking lessons
Crete wine tasting and lunch 


Greece is not a destination to visit merely for the sun and the beaches, there are plenty of places where you will hold your breath when you witness the stunning sights. Let’s take a look at some destinations renowned for their dazzling landscapes:

Melissani Cave Lake

  • Meteora: Byzantine Monastries from the medieval age sit on the humongous rocks, and create a mystic atmosphere. They are situated in the middle of mainland Greece, and six of them are still active and open to visitors.
  • Melissani Lake Cave: The Underground Lake of Melissani Cave takes place as a spectacular natural beauty on the island of Kefalonia and lures thousands of visitors every year.
  • Samaria Gorge: It is a gorge that stretches for 16 kilometres in Crete, the biggest island in Greece. It is also possible to set up a camp in particular areas of this national park.
  • Nafplio: One of the most charming and romantic towns in Greece. It is also the capital city of Greece right before Athens.

Mystras, Delphi, Mount Olympus, Lake Kerkini, Monemvasia Fortress, Acheron Springs, and the others…


The metropolises of Greece as Athens and Thessaloniki, and the islands of Mykonos, Ios, Corfu, Kos, and Zakynthos have active nightlife and it is quite common to have fun until the first lights of the day. The first place that comes to mind with its nightlife, partying beach, and nightclubs is the island of Mykonos undoubtedly.

On the other hand, there are many bars and cafes to have a drink in a romantic ambience with an astonishing view. For instance, there are many roof bars in Athens with their splendid landscapes of the Acropolis and you can have a lifetime memory under soft music while sipping your drink.

White Wine

We have listed the most popular 9 clubs in the destinations of Athens and Mykonos in the following table. Individual choices concerning the music and the ambiance are to vary from person to person but at least we would like to present you some valuable options. Enjoy your night…


1.       Cavo Paradiso, Paradise Beach 1.       Bogart
2.       Super Paradise Beach Club 2.       Boiler Room
3.       Paradise Beach Club 3.       Bolivar
4.       @54 4.       Dyybuk Club
5.       Scandinavian Bar and Club 5.       Lohan Club
6.       Scorpios 6.       Six D.o.g.s
7.       Astra 7.       Pixi Athens
8.       Tropicana Beach Bar and Restaurant 8.       Enzzo de Cuba
9.       Void 9.       Kitty Cat


The major part of the economy in Greece has been tourism-oriented for decades. Tourism in Greece has spread to the entire Greece and thrives every day. Due to that, the Greek people including the countryside habitats have significant expertise in tourism. As a result, the diversity of excursions in Greece has come to a quite rich and developed level.

Let’s give some examples of excursions taking place in Greece; traditional cooking tours or wine tastes in Athens and Santorini island; real-life tours in Crete such as milking a cow, planting and harvesting vegetables, and producing traditional drinks; usual sightseeing tours not only taken by bus or foot but also by ATV, e-bicycle, e-scooter, jeep or off-road styles on islands and mainland; hiking in Meteora/Kalambaka or Samaria Gorge/Crete for on foot lovers; sailing and catamaran tours including barbecue in Cyclades islands; scuba diving, kite surfing, snorkeling and kayaking on islands; half day, daily or multiple day cruise tours among islands and including Turkey for some tours.

Sunset Catamaran-Friends

In a nutshell, whatever you would like to have as an outdoor activity on your vacation, Greece has been offering it and more. If you are willing to have a trip full of excursions, you should plan your whole vacation in detail before embarking on the plane. We strongly recommend you get professional assistance for the itinerary of the country to which you travel, especially if you haven’t been in that country before.


There are countless rural areas, both on the mainland and on the islands, where you can refill your energies away from the hustle while looking for quiet places to blow off some steam. Steph is a blog writer who defines himself as The Mediterranean Traveler and created a fine article with the title “Which Are the Quietest Greek Islands for Escaping the Crowds?” We are going to present you with that valuable list below:

Red colored door and window house

Ikaria Island: Ikaria is best known across the globe for being one of the six Blue Zones in which people are known to live a particularly long life. This label has earned the island a few more tourists. Ikaria is associated with dancing and festivals in Greece, with a balanced traditional lifestyle and a rough nature.
Lesvos: Lesvos is a huge island full of space, history, geology, and an airport to go to. Mytilene is the capital city. The island has some of the country’s top gourmet cultures, a lovely forest, some fantastic beaches, and spectacular harbour towns. It has recently had a refugee problem on the island, which has a negative impact on tourism.
Chios: This aromatic island is known for the quality of its produce, especially citrus. It is a good spot likely to be amusing for food lovers. It is worth seeing the famous mastic villages of Genoese invaders and abandoned Byzantine villages.
Leros: it’s a northern Aegean island. It is required to travel a long distance to reach this island. This is the feature that has kept the island secluded and nostalgic. But although most destinations in Greece are known for their ancient past, it is modern history that amuses Leros.
Kalymnos: This is an island of shipwrecks and sponge fishing. Truly a hidden treasure in the Aegean, which is easily accessed from the airport on the neighbouring island of Kos.
Lemnos: Lemnos is one of the northernmost islands in the Aegean. It has an airport but on the other hand, it is one of the hardest islands to reach by ferry. The attractions are its wonderful windsurfing and kitesurfing, peaceful beaches, a rare heritage of food, and extraordinary landscapes including the only desert and weird volcanic rocks in Greece.
Samothraki: The tranquil island of Samothraki, one of the islands least visited by international vacationers, will be enjoyed by lovers of nature and peace. It’s a favourite destination, though, for the Greeks living in the north of the country.
Skyros: While it is an island closer to Athens, its ferry ties with nearby islands are still weak and that is the reason for preserving its unspoiled existence. For those seeking health, therapeutic, and imaginative getaways, it’s increasingly becoming a precious spot.
Karpathos: Karpathos is for you if you want to explore beautiful beaches with stunning turquoise waters and magnificent mountain scenery. A vacation in natural beauty but away from crowds.
Anafi: If you are searching for complete seclusion, to escape modern life on a wild and remote island, then settle down on the ferry for the long ride to Anafi. Anafi’s landscape is arid and windswept, dotted with whitewashed Cycladic buildings and nice sandy beaches.
Kythnos: The Cycladic island of Kythnos is one of the nearest islands to Athens but still concealed and yet one of the least recognized by travellers. Kythnos is a good choice if you want to visit an island that hasn’t changed in the past few decades. Most locals live in the lovely villages up in the mountains and the beaches are calm and peaceful.


Compared to the countries of Europe, the cost of living, housing, and food in Greece is more reasonable. You will find it all in Greece, whether you are travelling on a budget for a fair family holiday or looking for luxury options like a lavish honeymoon package.

There are almost 200 islands in Greece and if you pick the best-known islands such as Mykonos and Santorini, you will face comparatively higher prices in terms of accommodation, food, and excursions for sure. On the other hand, there are many other Greek islands that have similar features to renowned islands but more reasonable prices such as Naxos, Ios, or Paros.

Furthermore, if you plan to travel as a group and you like to cook your own dish then you should consider renting a large apartment around the centre of the city and a villa on the island instead of hotel rooms. It will most likely be less pricey than hotels. The other issue is transportation. The cheapest way is the public one by all means but car rental is another marvellous resolution as a less pricy and comfier way for the travellers who don’t like to spend their vacations on public transportations.

Please note that, as we mentioned before the season of your preference is a major element of the price. We strongly recommend other than the pick seasons for vacationers who are looking for a budget holiday. July and August are the top seasons for both the visitors and the prices. Additionally, the weather is really hot in these months, the average temperature is 35 degrees C. On the other hand, April 15 – June 15 and September – October are very convenient seasons in terms of price, accommodation, crowdedness, and even the weather.


When the economy is mostly dependent on tourism as in Greece, daily life is adapting itself for different sorts of cultures and variable demands. As a result, that adaptation has brought out creativity and diversity in tourism.

Travelers have many options for their accommodations in Greece according to their budgets. The options can be listed as Airbnb apartments or villas, dormitory-style hotels, boutique hotels, star hotels, villa hotels, Blue Ground apartments, room rentals, or staying with a family via the homestay website. Not only hotels but also many apartment owners can give you private transfer service from the airport to the apartment.

Foodies can find many different alternatives for their meals. As much as luxury restaurants there are countless street food spots around city centres from Italian, Japanese,ese, or Indian cuisines to local style food. It can be said that Greece is one of the most reasonable European countries in terms of food prices. Menu prices may vary according to the luxury level of the restaurant but there is never such a price increase that aims to rip off the customer.

The spectrum of activities is also very wide in Greece. Some of the excursions are traditional cooking, wine tasting, real country life experiences such as milking a cow or producing traditional drinks, street art or night city tours; guided city or countryside tours by e-bicycle, e-scooter, ATV or jeep; hiking, sailing, and catamaran tours; water sports such as snorkelling, scuba diving, kite surfing, and kayaking.


Some of you already know Greek mythology well, the Greek gods, warriors, oracles, and legendary wars. Hollywood has made many films in regard to Greek mythology and history. Let’s remember the tremendous ones of these movies:

Ancient Greek Boat

  • Troy: This is the story about the Trojan War and the Hero Achiless. The film stars featured in this movie are Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom, and Diane Kruger.
  • The 300 Spartans: In ancient Greece, the Spartans had a reputation for being the toughest fighters. They were so fearsome that a mere 300 Spartans had the ability to change the course of the Persian war at the Battle of Thermopylae.
  • Clash of the Titans: Based on the story of Perseus, Greece’s most famous monster slayer before Hercules. He is eventually called on to help the gods defeat their own monsters.
  • Hercules: Several times the film Hercules was made, the animation style was filmed, moreover the old carton series of He-man was based on Hercules. Everybody recognizes Hercules, he is the son of Zeus with supernatural power and always in a war sometimes with outrageous creatures, sometimes with gods.
  • Alexander the Great: Alexander the Great was a real person the Greek king who conquered Asia and Egypt, The stories about his exploits are legends. Colin Farrell stars as the young general and the king of Greece, Angelina Jolie as his mother Olympias.
  • Jason and the Argonauts: Based on the legend of Jason, an impossible mission, a group of warriors, and many adventures.
  • The Immortals: Based on the Greek myths of Theseus. Son of Zeus, a young warrior, a ruthless king, titans, and the battle between them.
  • The Odyssey: The adventures of the king Odyssey when he tries to return home.
  • Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief: It is a film based on a book story. A young man lives in today’s world but who unknowingly has the soul of the God Zeus.
  • Spartacus: Not only the movie but also the serial was filmed. It is actually a Roman story but Roman and Greek history has merged since the 1st B.C. The story is based on a slave and a gladiator who was uprising against the Roman overlords.
  • Ulysses: Epic journey of Ulysses who is a legendary Greek King.

Did you know that Delphi was once considered to be the center of the world and the Oracle visited by the kings before the wars would live in Delphi; Olympus Mountain was the house of the Greek Gods; the Goddess Athena and the God Poseidon rivaled for being the protective God of the Greeks? You will have the chance to witness all these ancient sites which hosted very legendary mythological events, some of which have been subjected to very famous Hollywood movies. Do they still not sound like reasons enough to visit Greece?